Case Study: Making All Voices Count

Making All Voices Count is a $40m multi-donor consortium-led operational and research programme promoting citizen voice and accountable governance especially through use of technology. The programme does this by making grants to support innovation and technology, through research that helps to build a base of evidence and by working with policy makers, opinion formers and influencers to ensure that their learning has impact across the sector.


Their digital presence needed to demonstrate and facilitate these three aspects of their work. As the programme went on, the original design and content architecture did not reflect the breadth and scale of the outputs produced. It was hard to find items of interest, for example filtering wasn’t possible, and user journeys and content signposting were not clear.

We Are Potential were asked to make sense of the content as it had grown, develop user journeys for their target audiences to navigate and search the site and create a new structures and functionalities within the existing design that would make the content more engaging, finadable and useful.


Working closely with the Making All Voices Count communications team, We Are Potential re-organised the data structures of the site, adding and moving taxonomies to facilitate filtering and relationships between content items.

Once this was agreed and implemented, we worked on the user interface; adding functionality such as filtering and searching, and making the content more engaging and cross referenced.


It was great working on such an important and high profile programme with an engaged and demanding team. There was a real urgency and desire to make the most out of the content that the programme had created and a need to get this to people who could use it to make a real impact in the world.

The website statistics were monitored closely and it was noted that over the first 10 month period after our changes, the bounce rate (the number of single page sessions on the website) reduced by 10% compared to the previous 10 months. This indicates that users were staying on the site longer and finding other content to visit and explore after arriving on the site. The publications pages were especially important, as this was where all the programme research was published. During this same 10 month period, the percentage of users finding other pages to visit from the publication landing page was up by a massive 438% compared to the same period!


I’d gone to the website to download a publication ---- AND FOUND IT EASY TO USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a serious achievement!

Rosie McGee

Research, Evidence & Learning lead for Making All Voices Count

It definitely looks more like a knowledge repository, and I am especially appreciative of the ability to search publications, blogs, projects by topics. The topics are much much more intuitive, helpful and public facing and I know that many hours of hard work was put into this so thank you again!

Ciana-Marie Pegus

Researcher for Making All Voices Count